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Do you have difficulty keeping your fingers or toes warm? Do your knees feel tight when you get up from using your computer, or first thing in the morning when you move out of bed? Can you bend over slowly and touch your toes or get somewhere near them with your fingers? Maybe you get slightly dizzy when you make a movement quickly?

A 96 year old woman was on television yesterday. Why was she there? She was doing the daily exercise routine she uses to stay well. All the exercises involved keeping her circulation healthy. Prone on the floor she did leg lefts, bicycle legs in the air, fast arm punching and more. She was cheerful and looked as bright and alert as a 60 year old.

You might like to emulate her and also include the tips below.

You rely on your energy to circulate the blood flow through the heart and the body. In Qigong the”Sea of Blood” is energy that flows through channels to the arteries, vessels, capillaries, and the tissues of the major organs. When your energy depletes with stress, emotions, and other ways, the flow of life giving energy, blood and body fluids becomes stagnant. This stagnation means the blood flow is slowing and essential nutrients the blood and fluids need are slowed also. The circulation relies upon the flow from your heart being warm, even, and balanced.

Good energy, blood, and fluid circulation is vital for the healthy functioning of your brain. The brain needs good oxygenated blood to provide its energy and fluid flow. The brain is 2% of your body’s weight and needs 20% of available oxygen. Lack of circulation can lead to migraine headaches, seizures, and changes in capacity.

Many studies have shown in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine that the movement of chi (energy) is vital in moving blood, along with the physical movement through the heart and vascular system.

1. Shaking to Energize.

This is a personal favourite of many people and they vouch it gets their day started in a positive way. It clears your upper body including sinuses, nostrils, brain, and lungs. It strengthens the lower half of your body plus balances energy flow through all of your body as it oxygenates blood and muscles.

Best done early morning, and can be done anytime during the day to energise your circulation and other areas.

  • To build and balance you circulation spend several minutes ‘shaking’.
  • Stand with feet apart, knees slight bent and shake your arms as though they were a string of sausages.

  • Relax and allow your legs to also move in rhythm with your arms.
  • Breathing: Natural inhale through the nose and gentle exhale through the mouth.
  • Think or imagine energy coming up from the earth into your arms, legs, and body.

  • Do for 1-5 minutes.

2. Body Slapping. Body slapping sounds unpleasant. It isn’t. It unblocks any stagnant energy through-out your body. This increases the natural healthy body circulation and encourages it to stay in balance. Body slapping is an invigorating practice.

  • Slightly cup the palms of your hands. Next slap palms firmly and quickly down the outside of your legs and up the insides three times.
  • Use one palm to slap from the opposite shoulder down the inside of your arm and off your fingers, Turn arm over and slap from fingers back to shoulder.

  • Do three times.
  • Continue slapping by raising one arm and slapping from the armhole area down the side of your body.
  • Change over hands and slap the opposite side three times each.

  • Finally slap from the top to the bottom of your body three times.
  • Good to use to help your circulation after exercise or any time after being still for a while.

3. Thyme Shoes. This is an unusual tip and good to pass on to people who have difficulty with the circulation in their feet.

  • First purchase Thyme oil from your health shop, chemist, or market.
  • Take out several tissues for each foot.
  • Sprinkle the tissues a few times with the Thyme Oil then place the tissues in your shoes.
  • These will keep your feet warmly circulated.

Try it and feel it for yourself.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.


  1. Shaking and Body Slapping is what i learned a QiGong workshops years ago. Your article is a reminder to get started again.I remember feeling energized and awake. Thanks for describing an easy activity that anyone can do and gain from.

  2. Glenys,
    I have enjoyed your wisdom and posts on linkedin, realizing that you are a published author like myself. In fact, several authors have posted comments there, which gave me the idea to start a separate, OPEN group for authors "On Holism." Please visit and post your books!

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