Water, Water, Which to Drink?

For the last two decades, and earlier, I have advocated against added fluoride in drinking water. My medical intuition and common sense said:

  • It was dangerous for it to be in the drinking water as we all have different fluid and health requirements.
  • It was only advocated as needed for the development of teeth in children
  • If it was only for children it could be obtained in other ways; tablets, toothpaste.
  • And what about people that for many generations had all their teeth extracted, whether such a drastic measure was needed or not?

Other warnings I have given, for example as applying sunscreen, eating chicken, mobile phones, X-rays, added iron for nutrition, were given at least more than a decade before becoming acknowledged publicly for their possible negative outcomes.

Please seek out your own information and where it has come from, to do with your water supply before making any decisions for yourself and your family and loved ones.

Our water supply is our second major attribute we need to live. The first is our breath as we can go without water for longer than we can without breathing. It surely has to be of grave concern what we are allowing to happen to our water supplies. Some areas have been facing shrinking clean water supplies for many years and others have received plenty yet the quality has been doubtful due to the many areas of contamination with which it came in contact.

Do you know that Fluoride is a by-product of the production of aluminum. Prior to using fluoride in human water supplies it was used as an insecticide and rat poison. What is also known is that fluoride and other chemicals are being added to our water supplies. In some parts of Australia and elsewhere sewage is being treated then added to the water supplies. There is also a question about chemicals in the system which wont be eradicated by the treatment used before being added to the water supplies.

1. How you drink water.

When you drink the water avoid gulping it down quickly. Sip gradually. This ensures you avoid flooding your kidneys and washing out needed minerals. Many people advocate it is harmful to drink 8 glasses of water a day without realizing the way we drink the water is critical to the outcomes.

2. Use your Web Search.

Do a web search to find out about fluoride, water desalination and other treatments for re-using water. Other countries including Europe, Scandinavia and western countries have acted to change their practices in this area. What is happening in your area?

3. Plastic water containers.

Avoid drinking water in plastic containers that have been left in the sun or in hot areas (cars in summer) where the containers have been heated in some way.

Reported p16 May 28th. 2011 Weekend West newspaper. “U.S. scientist Steve Oppenheimer, director of cancer and development biology at California State Northbridge University, said ‘toilet-to-tap’ water posed an inherent public health risk and should be used only as a last resort”. Also in the article “Australian National University microbiologist Peter Collignon said yesterday that current testing standards in Australia could not account for all the potential harmful agents in sewage.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.


  1. Well…you taught me something today….I am a water gulper…seldom a sipper.. lol And I never feel well after drinking a glass of water— often I as though I have indigestion, but after reading this post I can certainly see why this happens…Seems only common sense that sipping the water gives the body time to adjust…… for the proper assimilation..

    It is interesting but I seldom like the taste of water…never have…of course on a hot sunny day when I actually feel the thirst ….there is nothing like a nice cool glass of water to drown my thirst. I know that I like a lot of others do not drink enough water. But I do try to stay away from the city water. Very interesting. info.~ thanks

    • Hi Bobbi It is an impossibly long time since you posted this comment. It is great to hear of you and others making the changes. If the indigestion hasnt improved use the abdomen massage I recommend and visualisation of colour to calm you nervous system, plus check acid-alkaline balance of body and adjust food intake. Usually indigestion is worse when we are anxious or worried. Best wishes Glenys

  2. Thank you, Glenys, for this enlightening article. I will no longer leave my water supply in the vehicle, to be sure! I have been getting more and more info lately regarding the carcinogens ingested from plastic containers, and now you are speaking to this problem as well. To protect myself, I have, however, started writing loving words on the bottles… .

    I have been avoiding tap water for many years now because of added chlorine and fluoride. But what about fluoride treatments urged by my dentist, to allegedly harden my now vanishing (I am 58) enamel? Most of the time, I have declined, because I know that fluoride is poison.

    • Hi Lilo Sorry I missed you comment months ago re flouride now to assist you teeth. For me it is a big NO NO. Check your bodies acid-alkaline balance and adjust the foods you eat accoringly. What we do in Qigong is simply after meal or whenever you wish rub your tongue around your gums 9 to 36 times in one direction and then in the other direction. Do the same to your teeth. Our saliva has all that our body needs to heal us.. Wiggle you mouth around and gather saliva then use three swallows to swallow it all. Our teeth are connected energetically with all our major organs. If you can find someone to teach you abdominal breathing where as you breathe in your belly rises, and as you breathe out it contracts (pulls muscles in). This will build up your whole physical and energetic field. Best wishes Glenys

  3. Thankyou Glenys
    I am sure you are also aware of the scientific studies that show how regular artificial fluoride ingestion accumulates in the pineal gland and inhibits the balanced functioning of this area which is widely considered to be a gateway to higher awareness.
    Thumbs up for the sip tip.

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