Reduce Stress Right Now with Visualization Meditation

The ancient and modern science studies agree visualization and meditation reduce stress, lift your energy vibrations and create conditions for healing and prevention of illness. Deep meditation can bring great inner calm and brighter outlook on life. This takes time and shows, at times, amazing results.

How to Lift Your Energy in Public Places

Do you walk down the street and smile at people and no one smiles back? Do you feel too tired to bother about other people when you are in public places? How do you feel when you know you need to go to the supermarket? Or go to the dentist? Or leave for work? One […]

Sound Sleep – Top Three Tips

Is your number one dream to have sound uninterrupted sleep until morning? Do you wake disturbed by the dog, the baby, the children, or loud noises? You wake up tired and irritable. The Three Top Tips this week lead you to sound sleep and less stress. You will gain a stronger nervous system, daily activities […]

QiGong – Why Your Busy Life Should Not Hold You Back

WHY DO PEOPLE FIND TIME TO DO QIGONG WHEN THEY HAVE A BUSY LIFE? The short answer is “because they feel better and younger every day”. The benefits of Qigong (Chi Gong) practice can be felt in a fairly short period of time. Some of the benefits you will experience include:- • Restful sleep • […]