Adrenal Glands – Your Health Warriors

1. Adrenal and Kidney Massage. Before Or After Shower. The Adrenal Glands are under the surface at the top of each kidney. Picture 1: Starting point Picture 2: Hands rotate to top then side, down, and continue circling Picture 3: Hands down and up base of spine to complete exercise Form each hand into a loose fist […]

Improve Your Memory Today

In today’s world most of us suffer from information overload.  Our internal reaction to this is our kidneys and adrenals try to care for our body by sending out signals to the brain and body that it is being damaged. As the signals are internal we don’t notice them, mostly until we are constantly fatigued. […]

Adrenal Health Boost – Top Three Tips

Do you know your adrenal glands are your body’s first line of defense from disease? With healthy adrenal glands you can want to jump out of bed and get going each day. Strong adrenals give you vitality, high libido, and you smile a lot. If you were to lose your adrenal glands death may follow […]