Swing Arms Exercise for Quick Energy Boost

This is an ancient simple energy practise.  For a quick energy boost and long term well being it requires daily practice for several minutes, practice any time during the day.

Beginners start with 30 swings.

Medium – 60 swings

Advanced – 100 to 500 per day

Teaching Note:  100’s of people have reported back that when they do this practice at the start of each day, they have a good day.


  • Using the breath, you build up energy
  • Improves circulation
  • Balances energy in the body
  • Brings sense of well-being

Can assist health issues:

  • Insomnia
  • Poor appetite
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart
  • Eyes
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Neurasthenia
  • Major organs


  • Feet shoulder width
  • Tighten buttocks and anus
  • Relax all top of body
  • Eyes looking forward or closed


  • Best done with tip of tongue near soft spot at roof of mouth
  • Short fast strong exhale on each breath as lower abdomen tightens

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.