Strengthen Your Reproductive System for Men and Women

All our lives move through stages and phases. Our individual reproduction systems change moment by moment with hormones. Sometimes hormones feel as though they are racing then bouncing up and down and life is great. At other times it seems like they have forgotten what their job is in our body. Today’s tips can be used to gain and maintain balance in key aspects of your reproduction system. This adds strength and balance to your central nervous system and immune system and lifts your energy.


Signs of problems with the prostate gland in men can be seen energetically many years ahead of their effect on the physical body and medical tests. Did you can use your breath to great effect each day for a few moments and assist your prostate gland to stay healthy?

Prostate Energetics. First locate these three areas or points in your body. Locate the area inside your body just behind your pubic bone, the perineum point on the base of the body between your genitals and your anus, and your anus.

Breathe in as you pull up from each of the three areas, pubic, perineum, anus towards the lower back. Breathe out as you pull in your lower abdomen and think/see/imagine the energy going out through the lower spine area of your back. Repeat twice more. Relax.


Are you haunted by two frequent or irregular menstrual periods, or pain before and/or during menstruation. In Medical Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine this is to due to the energy of the liver, spleen, and heart. The following two practices will aid bringing the female triangle of uterus and ovaries into balance.

Acupoint Massage. Massage ankle points B60 (bladder) and K3 (kidney). These points are each side of the ankle bone where it protrudes on the leg. Rub up and down 3-4 cms for up to 1 minute each day. If you rub in a semi circle around each side of the ankle bone you will be massaging the points.

Ming Men Massage. The Ming Men is the area on the lower back spine directly opposite the navel. Massage down from the Ming Men to the bottom of the tailbone, then around the tailbone and up to the Ming Men. Start with 9 times then increase the amount each day until you build up to 36 times daily.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.