Seven Sound Sleep Top Tips

Each morning when you wake do feel full of vitality as though around you flowers buds lift to open in the sun and the fresh new day calls to you. Or do you feel as though you have worked hard instead of slept soundly? Maybe you have tossed and turned for ages or suddenly woken up after a few hours and then sleep wouldn’t happen for more hours of your precious sleep time. Insomnia has become a way of life.

You can catch up on a few nights of missed sleep. You will find your health deteriorates if insomnia continues. Firstly you may just feel grouchy or overtired, mistakes happen at work, while driving, or at home. When feeling tired becomes a way of life, if you don’t change your sleep pattern, then you will likely become ill, even dangerously ill.

Change you pattern and you will gain stronger immune and nervous systems, find daily activities done easily, have a clear mind, and you are more cheerful. Life is less stressful.

Choose one or more of the Seven Sound Sleep Top Tips and return to being healthy and happy as your normal way of being each day.


1. Open the lungs and get rid of sludge.

You need more oxygen. You need this between your last meal before sleep and when you retire to sleep. Without this sleep will be restless or difficult to have. Stand with feet apart, or sit. Place your fingertips facing each other at the front of your body. Breathe in as you raise both your arms with fingertips close, out in front of your body then up over the top of your head. As you breathe out slowly as you drop you arms lightly down back to the side of your body. Complete this easy practice 10 to 20 times, stand/sit with hands at side of body for 3-5 minutes. This allows the lungs to expel more from the lungs thus they have more room for a fresh intake to come and circulate around your body.

2. Massage the soles of your feet.

Rub the palm of one hand over the sole of the opposite foot. Start at the heel and rub up the foot and off the toes. Press firmly and do 100 times on each foot. This brings the excess energy down from your head to your feet and your mind can relax. Start with how many you can manage then build up.

3. Visualise rainbow colours.

These colours calm your mind. Colour has a powerful effect on the vibrations of your body. Remember the ROYGBIV learnt at school? Use the rainbow colours of red, orange, green, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet in this order. Imagine or see the colour red filling your body. Hold it in your body for 30 seconds. Then allow the colour to expand out around you. Do this with each colour of the rainbow one by one. You will feel calm, peaceful and relax into sound sleep.

4. Practise a Four Syllable Mantra.

A mantra is where you repeat four syllables that slow your mind. As the mantra is repeated your mind attends to the mantra (phrase) and stops going around and around or chatting incessantly. A good mantra for sleep is “re – lax, deep sleep”. Breathe in slowly as in your mind you slowly say “re – lax. Breathe out slowly and evenly as you say “deep sleep”, or use one breath for each syllable. Keep repeating this mantra/phrase in time with the breath. Allow the breath to be slow and gentle.

5. Take trace minerals such as kelp.

Minerals are the keys to your major health areas. They keep your body pH balanced. Hardly anyone has enough minerals in their body, especially magnesium and zinc. There is a long list of how minerals help the body from the bones to memory loss, aging to poor healing. Take good quality organic minerals in the evening as they calm and replenish your nervous system best when the body is at rest.

6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Do this permanently and amazing positive changes will occur. If that is too dramatic, start to avoid alcohol and caffeine for some hours before sleep. This is so you adrenal glands can stop transmitting to your body that it is being invaded by substances that damage them. Your adrenal glands and kidneys are essential for you to have a healthy and strong immune system.

7. Crush an onion and take it to bed.

Your sleep pattern may call for desperate measures. Crush an onion and put it is a jar. Take the jar to bed, cover your eyes and inhale the onion vapour. Sleep usually comes within fifteen minutes.

Go to bed each night and enjoy your favourite tip. Relax and have a great sleep and wake in the morning fresh with a smile on your face. A great start to each day.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.

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