Saying No to Hay Fever

If you suffer from hayfever or sinusitis you know it comes suddenly and rapidly. It debilitates you just when you were feeling especially good. If it is seasonal attacks at least you know it will pass as the season does. If you are sensitive to hayfever it can call at any time. It may be dust in the air from many kilometers/miles away or a sudden change in atmospheric pressure at a stressful time for you that sets it off.

It is extremely difficult to pinpoint all the causes of hayfever however a common underlying cause is emotional stress. Plan and carry out some of your usual ways to relieve and release stress that you haven’t been using recently. At the same time increase your flow of oxygen into your body and move the aggravated energy down and out of your body.

Do any of the following practices regularly and you are likely to prevent the onset of hayfever, as well as relieve it, and enjoy all the seasons.

1. Clear Your Nostrils. Clear your nostrils two to three times a day. Best done when you wake up and before going to sleep. Do third time at another time of the day will increases the benefits.  This easy practice clears the nostrils of chemicals and pollutants, thus prevents them from moving into the body. This exercise is good to do in the shower or bathroom. Have tissues available.

Breathe in and out through the nose. Use a strong short sharp exhale from your nose. Mouth is closed and tongue touches the roof of your mouth. Close off left nostril with finger of left hand. Inhale through right nostril then give a short exhale. Total of 10 times. Change hands and place a finger or right hand on right nostril, closing it off and exhale as before through the left nostril. Total of 10 times.

2. Pi Breath Swing Arms. This practice is a favourite of many people, especially when done early in the morning as it creates a positive start to your day. Use the same strong sharp fast breath as for No. 1 above.

Stand with feet apart and with palms facing backwards. Raise arms to should height in front of you, palms down.Keep arms relaxed. As you swing your arms back to you sides exhale strongly through the nose. Swing arms with the sharp exhale for between 10 to 100 or more times. Start with what you can manage easily then increase a little each day. It is important to set up a natural rhythm with your breath and your arm swings. Knees are relaxed.

3. Pinch All Around Your Waist. Many top half of the body problems happen because the energy between the upper and lower half of the body is out of balance. In the case of inflammation such as hayfever, there is too much energy stuck in the top half of your body. This practice is aimed to bring the excess energy from the top of the body down to the lower half then out through the feet to bring the up and down energy into balance.

Stand or sit and using both hands, massage with knuckles or pinch firmly with fingers all the way around your waist. There is a belt of energy here that stretches over time. The exercise will bring it back into alignment and good energy flow will bring into balance the top and lower half of your body.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.