Love Your Adrenals and Save Your Own Life


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Your energy bank balance is depleted every time you experience symptoms of any of the below problems.

  • Do you go to bed tired and wake up tired?
  • Do you have migraine headaches that make you wish it was yesterday or tomorrow?
  • Is the lowest time of your day about 4 o’clock in the afternoon?
  • Are you constantly achy and can hardly lift your arms or legs?
  • As you walk up steps and stairs is it harder than it used to be?
  • Is everything getting on your nerves?
  • Is one of your major desires to have a good night’s sleep?

Do any of these say “Yes, that’s me”?

You may be surprised to read that the physical source of all of the above is that your Adrenal glands are on over-drive.. The Adrenals can’t manage the stress overload any more. They are being drained and not replenished enough every day. If they stay on overdrive for then it is easy for heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease to find a home in your body.

The number one role of your Adrenal glands is to help you deal with stress so your body can stay safe.

“I now have great tools to use on a day to day level and to pass on to others. I am feeling lighter, happier and healthier about myself. Love this e-book.”

When your Adrenals are strong…

  • You don’t catch influenza
  • Migraines become things of the past
  • Your energy stays high right through the day
  • Your immune system is strong so aches and pains vanish
  • You reach the top of the stairs with more energy than when started
  • You can relax yet be alert
  • You wake up alert after 7 or 8 hours restful sleep.

If you want to get well, stay well, and get more out of your life, you don’t need to re-invent yourself. You can do this without working harder. Take care of your Adrenal glands and they will certainly take care of you. It is their life purpose.

LOVE YOUR ADRENALS And Save Your Own Life gives you easy ways to keep your Adrenal glands strong and energised. Three keys to this are, how you breathe, what drains the Adrenals, and easy practical ways to keep your Adrenals energised all day.

“A long term client I was counselling came to see me after months of absence. One week later he returned for a session and walked in with a smile.


After some years this was the FIRST time I had seen my client smile. Yes, I had asked him to do one activity, only one, from Love Your Adrenals. It was Turn Your Energy Over. I was stunned.”
Brian Smithers, Psychologist

Your own energy is your best medicine. The health of your adrenal glands determines your optimum survival from small to traumatic life crises.

Weaving the adrenal practice into her day has proven for Glenys Brown, over twenty five years, the practices really do work with ease, little effort, and pay off again and again.

Still not sure if this book is for you?

Here are more reasons why it will bring more fun and excellent health into your life…

You will have a bundle of new skills to use anytime in your life. They can be used in your teens right through your 90’s.

See the author’s tips throughout the book.

I Offer You a 100% Money-Back Happiness Guarantee!
After you’ve read and tried the practices, if you are not happy with the skills and tools this book has given you, you can return it within 90 days- no questions asked.


1. Learn why it is critical to keep them healthy and how to do this as they are under second by second pressure in today’s world. Use the checklist.

2. What drains our adrenals the most? Ways to minimize the damage. Check out the information on the part hormones and drugs play. Try out the tips given.

3. Give yourself a quick check-up and make a change immediately from damage control to healthy flow.

4. Benefits of good breathing and damage from poor breathing. Use the 20 second quick stress release action. Find out why and how to change your breathing and practise the calming breath.

5. Find out the secret of Qigong and what it is and what it can do for you. Energise when walking a proven success way.

6. Simple easy practices to do when waking, and during different parts of you day to give you energy boosts without worry. Check out and decide on your Personal Action Plan at the end of the book.

Love Your Adrenals is a great book. I think everyone has a need for this book – turning negative thoughts and actions into positve, life enhancing thoughts and actions has to be of great benefit. Just by doing simple exercises, affirmations and changing your breathing has such a great influence on managing day to day stress as well as major life stressors should they occur.


Glenys explains the reasons why we should help our adrenals function well – especially as we live in such a fast paced world which places an added burden our adrenals. I personally would like to give this book to all my friends and relatives, thank you.”

Yes, it is possible to be healthy, energized, and loving what you do even on very busy days.


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