One Person Dies of Kidney Disease in Australia Every 25 Minutes

I was shocked. Every 25 minutes.

Here is information as to what happens in our body when the kidneys are not happy. Plus ways that can build and increase happiness. We do get warning signals of any problems and in this very busy life signals can be waylaid.

The Kidneys store the ESSENCE of Willpower.

A most important aspect of our willpower is its responsible for supplying the mental drive, determination and single-minded pursuit of goals and aspirations. It enables us to realise ambitions by providing the focussed energy necessary to carry ideas to fruition. Powerful will power creates the magnetism and charisma necessary to manifest and materialise our dreams. A person main information without the physical world no action will follow.

With deficient willpower a person becomes indecisive, passive and fearful. With excess a person gives blind obedience to authority or has a tendency to be a fanatic.

How the Kidneys are important to us and some practices to keep them healthy.

  • Kidneys control our short-term memory and the heart governs the long-term memory.
  • Kidneys are associated with the quality and state of our ability to continually remember our goals and ideas.
  • Kidneys help maintain a determined focus on our goals, reminding us where we are going, and what we are working to achieve.
  • Kidneys are responsible for maintaining our vital mindfulness.
  • Kidneys control bones, marrow, hearing and growth of hair.
  • A Chinese saying is “Orifice of the kidneys opens at the ears and glory is manifest in the hair”.
  • Kidneys associated organ is the urinary bladder.
  • Substances aid the development of the bones, control of fluids, and biological basis of the women’s menstrual blood.
  • Energetically open externally through the ears.
  • Inner Energy flows to the liver, heart, lungs and is responsible for the body’s fluid like essences, rules birth, growth and maturation and reproductive cycle.
  • Energy acts on flow to skin, muscles and nerves along their energetic pathways.

Practices for and Maintaining Kidney Health

  • Daily massage either moving fists in circles 36 times, palms of hands up and down midsection of back of your body – 36 times.
  • Breathe midnight blue or black colour into the kidneys and focus on that as a meditation for 15 minutes.
  • Start with 3 minutes and build up to the 15 minutes. Adding 1 minute a day until you are at 15 minutes. It is easy this way.
  • Use my Being My Kidneys meditation.
  • Consider what purpose in life do your kidneys fulfil for you.

Do you want more ways and information?



Go to my Love your Adrenals and Save Your Own Life e-book, and look up the chapter and choose the meditation that suits your purpose. – Being My Kidneys meditation is also in the e-book.

Kidney Massage



The acupressure points for the adrenal glands are on each side of the spine at the waist.

Picture 1: Starting point

Picture 2: Hands rotate to top then side, down, and continue circling

Picture 3: Hands down and up base of spine to complete exercise

How to do the Adrenal-Kidney Massage

  1. Form each hand into a lsse fist with thumbs inside the fingers.
  2. Place the back of your fists on your back at the waist level next to the spine. You fists are now in the position to activate the acupressure points.
  3. Make small circles with both hands at the same time. Move first up 10cms, then out towards the side of the body.
  4. Continue the rotation down to the hip bond and inwards to the w aist level where you started.
  5. Points 3 and 4 complete the circle.
  6. Do the circle 36 times. The circle movements massage the acupressure points for your adrenal glands and kidneys. The warm energy pressure from your fists releases stuck and stagnant energy and fluids so more fresh energy can ge to the area.
  7. Use both fists to thump firmly done from your waist to the bsae of your spine ten (10) times. Do the thumping longer if you have any difficulties with your lower spine. The thumping moves stagnant energy and creates space for the bones to move easily. If thumping is difficult use the palms of your hands to bring healing heat to the area.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.