Medical Intuitive Health Predictions

Medical Intuitive Health PredictionsThere have been numerous health warnings I have received since the early days of my use of medical intuition.

All of these messages were received about ten years before they were proven scientifically accurate and became public knowledge.

Some of these are:

  • eat 9 yellow-orange and green leafy vegetables daily. Now this is recommended as they contains vital anti-oxidants.
  • sunscreen with chemicals damages skin and permeates through into your body.
  • our lack of vitamin D due to skin sunscreen and sun glasses.
  • vitamins and minerals are most effective in compounds, this is starting to be seen as accurate now when Vitamin D levels do not improve unless given in a compound form.
  • the need for vitamin E to be part of heart disease medication.
  • CoQ10 is effective to relieve many diseases not just heart valves.
  • lack of the full range of amino acids and cell salts in our bodies.
  • skin products and hair dyes with synthetic chemicals.
  • genetically modified food via herbicides.

A current question to be researched is why so many young people are having hair loss.

Overriding all of the above is the need for people to have a higher natural oxygen intake and balance in their body of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

One message which stands out in my memory is the one that alerted me to take notice of medical messages I received. It that came in the form of an intuitive information prediction message about dangers to our health. A distraught husband asked me to visit his wife who had just learnt she was in the last stages of cancer. As soon as I met this lady I received the strong impression of her tumours and the message “don’t eat chicken”. I personally didn’t eat chicken very often as I found it quite tasteless.The message was so strong I made the conscious decision to not eat any more chicken, but puzzled over why not? Why was this so important?

As this was early days for me I had not yet sorted out the meaning or value of such a strong message.

Of course, eating unhealthy chicken is not the cause of cancer.

It can act as a trigger.

I thought about this experience a few days later and it came to me that it was what the chickens ate. Over the past few years chicken had become a prominent part of our culture’s regular diet. It was cheap, it was seen as a way to avoid red meat, easy to cook, and children liked it. And it could be eaten at a barbecue. Backyard barbecues had become high on the list of how to relax and socialise with family and friends.

Butcher shops were set up with the sole product being chicken.

These shops had not only raw chicken but offered pieces with different spices and in a variety of pre-cooking preparations.

It was ten years before some of the dangers of eating chicken a few times a week became public.

Each time a reason became public, such as hormones given to the chickens and that practise stopped, I still couldn’t bring myself to eat chicken. Then another
reason would come to me. The worst was the distress I picked up from the chickens. I felt the subtle energy vibrations from chickens both alive and dead. This was strong when they were caged to the extend they could not even open their wings, had very few feathers, never touched the earth, and were force fed. All this purely due to a quick profitable way to produce more chicken to meet public demand.

There is still an issue which has not been truly resolved the methods of production and marketing.

If you eat chicken that has been bred in the way of our ancestors you will know that it is tasty, soft, has a freshness and is enjoyable. A totally different experience to eating the water plumped chicken sold today.

The list goes on…. For many people it is now too late to heed the ‘canary’ subtle energy warnings.

I hope you make your own inquiries how best to regain and retain good quality health.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.


  1. I believe the chicken bit Im also a B+ blood type and the Zone Therapy people say chicken and Avocardoes are best not eaten by that blood type .Whar are your thoughts Glenys cheers JohnPascoe

  2. we eat free range chickens …what about the eggs they lay are they not good either…interesting …
    so you don't eat any chicken at all even free range ….

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