Keep Your Kidneys Kicking

Keeping Your Kidneys ‘Kicking’ previous Top Tips discussed why and how the kidneys need to be kept warm, with particular care in winter. Cold, windy, wet, extreme conditions all can have a negative effect on the efficiency of the kidneys. Unfortunately, it may be some time, even years, before you realize the kidneys have been weakened.

The kidneys and adrenals react to what is stressful for you. Some stress is normal and the kidneys will cope and stay in balance. Modern living now makes it difficult for the energy balance to be maintained. For example, when you intake caffeine it sets up a danger alert from the kidneys-adrenals to the brain that more adrenaline is needed to be produced. This brings an adrenaline rush and depletes the kidney-adrenal healthy balance.

1. Massage Your Kidneys.

Place both palms of hands together and rub them briskly until they are very hot. Place hot palms on to the middle of your back at the waistline. Rub your palms up and down the middle of your back for 36 times. Begin with 10 times and gradually build up. This tip is great to do what at the computer. It only takes seconds and your back benefits more each time you do it.

2. Massage Your Feet.

Why massage my feet when my kidneys are in my back you may ask. The start of your kidney channel, which brings energy into the kidneys, is on the soles of your feet. Look at the sole of one foot and squeeze your toes. Then look at the pad of the top of the foot and there will be a small indent in the middle of the foot at the base of the pad (about one third down your foot). This is the Kidney 1 point that connects with Earth energy and supplies energy to your kidneys to build them up and reduce stress. Bubbling Spring is one of the names given this in Chinese medicine, a name that describes it perfectly as it is where energy is gathered and bubbles up into your body. If you think about walking and jumping the Bubbling Spring point is where your feet ‘’spring’’ from as they move.

To Massage: Use the palm of your hand on the bottom of the heel of the opposite foot. Rub palm firmly from the heel up until off the toes. Repeat up to 100 times. Start with what feels right to you and build up gradually each day. This massage also does wonders for your circulation. When done before retiring to sleep it encourages calm sound sleep.

3. Turn Your Energy Over.

This is a great practice as you can do it almost any time you want to as no-one can observe it happening, yet it can have a profound effect on reducing stress thus benefits the kidneys and adrenals.

To turn your energy over notice when you have a thought or hear a sound, or get a feeling which, for you, is negative. Immediately think or say “Thanks for the message” as this is your body’s way of letting you know something needs attention. Then think of a phrase you believe is positive about yourself. Begin with the physical body. E.g. I love it when my eyes twinkle. Or I like my hair. Or I like the way I walk. Repeat your positive phrase three times. This works as it lifts your energy and stops the negative phrase being internalized and adding to a deeper, stressful pattern.

Use any of these tips when you feel your energy needs a boost. Commit to doing one of them daily. Gradually you will find you not only feel better, these practices have taken such a little effort and time to keep your stress down and your eyes smiling.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.


  1. Great advice, thank you! Got a paraffin wax pedicure with stone treatment yesterday, it was heaven…felt really awesome. It is a very good thing, specially at this time of the year to take care of y/our feet, which focuses on the kidney energy in preparation for the winter. Winter is the season of the Kidney and Fall is the mother of the Winter in a more traditional Chinese Medicine (Medical Qigong) outlook. Keep you lungs happy too by taking nice long walks:)

  2. Great advice Glenys! I always include the kidneys and K1 in my reflexology seminars. As it is also the solar plexus reflex it is a great way to rebalance the energy defence system. As soon as we feel threatened we close down and energy becomes stiffled. Massaging K1 helps to get the energy flowing and opens the solar plexus as well as releasing the diaphragm. The kidneys are also associated with close personal relationships, including our relationship with ourself. Often good to check what is going on in our lives and visualising how to resolve any problems in that area whilst working on the feet and holding hands over the kidneys.

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