How to Beat Tiredness and Fatigue – 3 Tips

How to Beat Tiredness and Fatigue - 3 TipsDo you know you have become part of a “Sitting Society.” Research at a Mayo Clinic in the U.S.A. has found we are killing ourselves and cutting years off our life. How are we doing this? Easily. We sit now far more than we walk. Our upright body structure is under great strain when we sit most of our waking lives.

Sitting so much is also a major cause of obesity and consequent weight problems.

When you sit your muscles don’t work. When you go to the gym one or more times a week to lose weight, that doesn’t work either in the long term as you are doing a lot of movement in a short period of time.

If you want to stay fit and healthy and be able to care for yourself now and into your older years some changes need to happen. Fortunately, these changes can be small, frequent, and a natural part of your daily life. I am aware of a hundred easy ways this can be done.

Maybe you are one of the people…

  • who is not concerned now as you aren’t aware of any problems. If so, then check out how all your older relatives and friends look.
  • who has tried many times to change your habits and not been successful for long.
  • who think it is too late for you to improve your daily life.
  • who don’t believe that you are part of a Sitting Society and won’t incur any expensive medical treatment in the future.

I encourage you to move your muscles in proven ways. It is so easy you can start right now.

1. Stretch While You Sit.

  1. Take a slow easy breath in as you stretch your arms above your head and your legs out in front of you as far as they will go. Exhale slowly.
  2. Inhale while you keep your heels on the floor as you stretch them back backwards and forwards and push the palms of your hands forward.
  3. Exhale slowly and relax.
  4. Give yourself a mental pat on the back.
  5. Decide how often you will do this brief stretch. It may be every 20 minutes, or choose a trigger that you know will work for you.

2. Shaking to Energize.

This is a personal favourite of many people and they vouch it gets their day started in a positive way. It clears your upper body including sinuses, nostrils, brain, and lungs. It strengthens the lower half of your body, plus balances energy flow through all of your body as it oxygenates blood and muscles.

Do in the early morning and anytime during the day to energise your circulation and other areas. 1-2 minutes is a good starting time.

To build and balance your circulation and get more oxygen to your muscles, spend several minutes ‘shaking’. Stand with feet apart, knees slight bent and shake your arms as though they were a string of sausages. Relax and allow your legs to also move in rhythm with your arms.

3. Aeroplane Feet.

We are frequently advised when travelling in a plane to do these two exercises with our feet. This is apt advice for most times when you are sitting but not when you are driving.

First, inhale while you raise the toes or front of both feet. Exhale and let them drop to floor as you lift up both heels. Do for 2-3 minutes. This will work both the joints and the muscles around them.

Second, change to the walking movement for 2-3 minutes. Right toe and left heel up, then change to left toe and right heel up. This will improve leg muscles and blood and oxygen circulation through the legs.

Do any or all of these practices most days of the week and you will notice a distinct lift in your energy, your body, and how easy it is to focus more.

You will discover you’re less tired at the end of your sitting time.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.