Healthy Trees Build Healthy Bodies

Healthy Trees Build Healthy BodiesHow long is it since you sat under a healthy tree, relaxed and enjoyed being alive?  When we chop down an ancient tree we remove from our atmosphere a powerful healer.

Without trees we will die. The essential exchange of oxygen and carbon-dioxide between you and trees provides you with a way to cleanse your body of pathogens and fill yourself with fresh energy. You do this as you exhale carbon-dioxide and inhale fresh oxygen.

When you draw energy from the earth via the environment of trees, bushes, flowers, rivers, lakes, mountains, even deserts, you refill and refuel yourself with energy.

Trees have a special place with the exchange of energy that benefits both the trees and humans as the trees absorb energy, air, light, water, and minerals which revitalizes its surroundings including you.

Each type of tree, like humans, has its own special energy field, with many trees having a longer lifecycle than humans.  Ancient Chinese medicine believed the best time for absorbing energy from trees is between 5a.m. and 7a.m. and 11a.m. and 1p.m. These are the times when the large intestine and lung channels flow at their strongest to keep those organs healthy.

Trees freely provide us with much bounty. Here are some tree ‘tips’ you may not have used.


Use this tip for what is commonly called a tennis elbow or a golf elbow. Even the most stubborn elbow swelling can be reduced in three to four days with the help of a tree.Gather a handful of clean strong leaves from a healthy eucalyptus tree. Before you retire each evening crush roughly a handful of fresh eucalyptus leaves. Place these on one end of a wide clean bandage. Gather the bandage and put it over the swelling with the leaves touching your skin, then continue to bandage until the bandage is held firmly (not tight) around the elbow. Do this until the swelling is gone.

This process can be applied to other joints.


Decide on your purpose for an energy exchange with a tree. For example if you want spiritual wisdom choose an old tree. For abundance or fertility choose a healthy fruit tree or tree with an abundance of seeds, or blossom. You can choose a tree that appeals to you.

Approach the tree with respect and stand about one metre/three feet of its trunk.  Make a mental request of the tree to share energy with it or seek its advice.

Stand with arms slightly forward out from your sides, and palms facing forward.

Think of yourself able to circulate energy with this tree. As you inhale imagine, think, or see energy rising from the earth. This energy moves through your feet, up your body, and out the top of your head. It then goes into the branches of the tree. As you exhale the energy goes down the trunk of the tree into its roots and the earth to go up your body when you inhale.  Continue this circular pattern. Repeat this several times.

Now reverse the circle pattern so when you inhale you do so through the top of your head and down your body into the earth and exhale as the energy moves up the roots and trunk of the tree and out the branches where the circuit starts again.

When you have finished, stand for as long as you wish and thank the trees before you move away.


Every part or a tree can be used in some way to heal you.  Qigong Doctors, Herbalists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use tree parts in many of their prescriptions.  The following are easily purchased from health clinics, health shops, and pharmacies. Most of the tree parts have many uses for healing. Only some of their major uses are here.

Pau d’Arco – Arthritis, Blood Purifier, Candida, Diabetes, Eczema.

Devil’s Claw-Arteriosclerosis, Bladder, Cholesterol Headaches, Liver disease, Neuralgia, Low back pain. Stomach disorders.

Stevia – Diabetes, Food and tobacco cravings, Hypoglycaemia, Weight reduction.

Use only as per product or clinician advise.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.