Freeing Your Emotions in a Variety of Ways

In these modern times it is very easy to release emotions such as anger, anxiety and fear. Often we release these in ways that aren’t useful and still leave us angry, anxious, and fearful. On the inside we may be holding grief, envy, and be full of self doubt. If this has happened to you at any time you may well think your emotions are being freed up by your actions and thoughts. However, these reactions take your further away from positive action and your natural kindness, joyfulness, peacefulness, and being calm. And so stress builds even more until eventually there is illness or a poorer quality of life.

When you show anger people may tell you that you aren’t dealing with your emotions. Your natural response is, ‘of course I am, I am releasing my anger’. You may, as I have been in the past, confused by this and not know how to feel any other way. The three tips chosen today vary so you can choose the one that is most useful or appealing to you at this time. Several can be done immediately and you can take action on all of them in a short time if you wish.

1. Thump Your Thymus Gland.

Humans are the only primates that don’t automatically thump their thymus gland (excepting Tarzan!). Our Thymus gland is vital to our longevity and immune system.
Use a half closed fist or the pads of three fingers and each morning thump firmly ten times, once per second. It is a 10 second boost to improve your energy and it can last all day. Or do it when you start to feel negative. It is like jump-starting a car that then moves forward easily.

2. Give Self Love to Your Bone Marrow.

Bone marrow is vital for our body’s cell reproduction. Qigong exercises have for 1000’s of years emphasized the value of bone marrow health which is the home of our stem cells. This practice is a huge stimulus to all your energy field and especially helpful in giving your emotions a positive powerful boost.

Do this brief visualization repeating to yourself five times, “Being my bones strong, flexible, healthy”.
Next think of someone or somewhere you love. Think of the person or place and breathe that love you have into your heart for 1 minute. Then release the love energy from your heart to the person or place.
Build up the love in your heart again, and when ready to release send the energy to your bone marrow with the words or thought “I send self love to my bone marrow”.Repeat twice more.

3. Join a Healing Qigong class.

Join a Qigong class that works with the Abdominal and other ways of breathing. When your breath is activated from lower in the body it brings with it positive feelings. When you breath comes from the upper half of your body, and especially higher in the chest it continues to bring forward emotions that have a negative effect or inappropriate action. After practicing breathing which activates the inner orbit of energy your health and life take on new options. The best thing is it builds up the sympathetic nervous system which sends a balance of serotonin, dopamine, norepherine and more to activate your brain’s neurotransmitters.

At the same time as you are doing this breathing it lifts your endorphins – our natural pain killers.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.