Free Your Body of Pain with Treatment

Free Your Body of Pain with TreatmentWe all have a different tolerance level for any pain we experience. From your ow experience you will be aware that there are many types of physical pain; short and sharp, long, deep, and so severe you may lose consciousness. Different treatments may be required depending on the type of pain and where it is in your body.

N.B. Women: if you wake up during the night with a strong or severe pain across the middle of your back please get immediately to a Hospital Emergency service or allopathic doctor.

General Pain or in Childbirth

There is an ancient Chinese saying “Smell the roses and blow out the candle”. This saying is also used now as a breathing aid to women during childbirth.

The saying is also useful for sharp pain such as from neuralgia or when there is a sudden external injury.

Migraine Pain

If the migraine is in its early stage drink two cups of strong black coffee and take your usual medication. The coffee will open up the blood flow in your head allowing the tension to release and the pain will go.

For myself, after many years of debilitating migraines, I have not had one since I began Qigong and practised the abdominal breathing decades ago.

Here is a comment from one of my Qigong students…

Since I have been practicing energy medicine with qigong breathing
this term the biggest change is the absence of my monthly migraine,
this month is the first month in years I have not had a migraine.

-Marian, Perth

Spinal, Joint, Tendon and Ligament Pain

Contrary to much current practise of using ice on an injury, applying heat is much better as it does not lock in the shock so the damaged area is weakened. The weakness will show up and keep returning in the years to come. Swelling is not the major problem and the heat will take care of it. Hot tea, alcohol, are both useful if no heat inducing articles are available.

For long term damage use a Castor Oil Pack. These packs were given healing prominence when suggested by the amazing U.S.A. psychic Edgar Cayce. It is difficult now to purchase these packs. I have had enormous feed-back over the years of when these packs have stopped and prevented injuries that had been painful for years, especially with back and shoulder injuries.

Here is the information on how to make them yourself.

EDGAR CAYCE’S CASTOR OIL PACK N.B. Females: – DO NOT use while menstruating.

Castor oil, another naturopathic remedy, was popularized by psychic Edgar Cayce. It is a herbal oil pressed from a bean, usually used externally in heated packs. This has been used to heal virtually every external and internal dis-ease and is a miracle cure for many of them. Rub it on the skin nightly to dissolve warts and help arthritic knees or joints, and use it externally on skin cancer, acne, boils, bruises, wounds and sores, including breast lumps, and uterine or ovarian cysts, any tumours malignant or benign, all bladder trouble, appendicitis, liver problems or detoxification, post surgical complications and for bowel diseases. I have seen breast lumps disappear in a month with this treatment, but it may take longer. The pack can be reused – put in a plastic container and add more castor oil if needed. This is truly a heal all.

William A McGarey, MD, The Edgar Cayce Remedies, New York Bantam books 1983 p50-51Dianne Stein, The Natural Remedy Book for Women, USA The Crossing Press 1992 p44-45.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.

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