Exercises for Strong Knees and Elbows and Joint Pain Relief

In Traditional Chinese Medicine problems with your body joints, such as arthritis, is described as stagnant water (synovial fluid) and rusty hinges (calcification, wear and tear).

There is a huge number of people in Australia who require knee replacements and the knee movement deteriorates while people wait for their operation.

Enjoy Strong Knees

Here are three top tips for keeping your knees strong, flexible, and pain free. You can use them to ease knee aches, pains, stiffness, and degeneration.

1. KNEE SLAPS using slightly cupped palm of both hands.

Sit in a chair (or can do standing) with feet flat on the floor.

Slightly ease feet forward so palms of hands can easily tap the back of knees. This exercise allows the energy and fluids to clear their pathways and flow easily.

  • Use palm of hands and Tap the outside of the knees 9x. This activates the gall bladder meridian point GB-34 – relieves spasms and pains and disperses stagnant liver and gall bladder energy.
  • Tap the insider of the knees 9x. This activates the spleen, stomach, and lower body through the spleen Sp-9 – treats knee pain and urinary disorders.
  • Tap the back of the knees 9x. This activates the flow from the urinary bladder point UB-40- relaxes muscles and tendons, aids urinary bladder and intestines and strengthens waist and knees.
  • Tap below the knees 9x. This stimulates Stomach 36 point which is just below the kneecap and about 2 cm out from the outside of the central bone between knee and ankle. This regulates stomach and intestines and relieves bloating, distension, stagnation and obstructions, alleviates water retention and swelling .

2. PALM KNEE MASSAGE. This is excellent to stimulate the flow of energy from the liver as it clears the knees.

  • place palms of hands over knees
  • breathe in as you massage both knees with palms going anticlockwise around each knee
  • breathe out as you massage each knee with your palm in a clockwise direction
  • one inhale and one exhale counts as one pair
  • do up to 70 pairs.

3. KNEE ROTATION. This exercise encourages energy and fluid to clear and flow and flexibility of movement. If sitting, sit on front edge of chair to allow full access to knees.

Stand with knees together and warm up kneecaps with palm rub up and down. Bend knees slightly and place palms on knees with fingers spread out. Use your finger times to give knee caps a slight lift upwards, as you hold knees firmly not tight.

  • rotate knees clockwise 9 times.
  • rotate knees anticlockwise 9 times.

Enjoy Strong Elbows

Our elbows receive knocks and shocks often. Getting in and out of the car ourselves or when we put the shopping in or out, can account for quite a few. Shocks are often felt when we knock our “funny bone” a short period of intense pain follows.

With time our elbows start to stiffen or ache and pain from repetitive movement strain. Our flexibility is compromised.

The Top Tips this week can be used as preventative action, and also to release stagnant or stuck energy from the joint.

1. “GOLF-TENNIS ELBOW”–ACCIDENT STRAIN, INJURY, OR INFECTION. There is an amazing cost free method with an exceptional high rate of success right within reach. Believe it or not this method works because you use fresh disease free gum leaves – any type of gum leaves.

Pick a good handful and crush them a little. Do the application before sleep at night. This is when it is good to have an assistant! Have a wide crepe bandage ready to use.

Place one end of the bandage on a flat surface and put the handful of gum leaves on top of it.

Next, place your elbow on the gum leaves and wrap the bandage around your elbow firmly for a minimum of 5 times. Do firm but not tight on the arm.

Leave on overnight. You can leave the leaves on during the day, however one to three nights is sufficient to ease and release most problems.

I have seen this work with people in their eighties as well in their thirties. I personally had a severe swelling come up overnight from a sharp knock. The swelling went down on the first application and was fully gone on the second night.

2. SELF MASSAGE. Use your index or middle finger to massage the point on the arm with the elbow difficulty. With the sore elbow slightly bent find the inside edge of the elbow joint bone.

Move your hand first up the arm 2-3cm and massage the spot (point) that is sore. Be gentle until level of soreness is established. Massage for one minute or a little more or less depending on the effect on the elbow’s owner.

Repeat the process, this time moving down the arm approximately 2-3cm. Massage twice a day.

3. CALM YOURSELF AND THE AREA AROUND THE ELBOW. This one is good to use anytime even if your elbow is strong.

Place your sore arm flat on a table or desk as though you were holding a mug or glass. Place you other hand around the elbow with the outside of your little finger on the same flat surface as the elbow.

Bring the pads of fingers to the middle of the outside area of arm-elbow. Leave your fingers resting there for 2 minutes, while the other hand can be resting on the lower ribs on the opposite side of the body.

Change hands over and rest for 2 minutes even though this elbow may be very healthy.

Do two or three times as day.

All of the practices will work and reduce damage to your elbow. The third one in particular will reduce stress and bring a sense of calm and relaxation.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.


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