The College of Energy Medicine – Courses and Training

Where you experience your own energy fields and bring your inner abilities out into your everyday life.

All programs are developed by Glenys.

Professional Teaching with Practical Application

The  Energy Medicine  College offers many skills, tools, subtle energy use,  creativity and enjoyment to support you in your personal, professional, and spiritual development, including:

  • subtle energy education courses
  • workshops
  • qigong
  • practitioner training programs
  • training dvd’s with booklets
  • meditation sound and music cds
  • spiritual inspiration cards

Original Energy Medicine is based upon you using your own energy field. Practice can bring profound healing, change and development into your daily life. You can be more effective in all life areas with inner balance. Harness your energy senses and skills to assist yourself and others. You can use your subtle energy to bring ease, love and enjoyment into every day.

The original energy medicine programs offered by the College are based on the learning and  practice of Glenys Brown, an energy  and medical intuitive and qigong master . The programs also bring the ancient life healing and modern science discoveries together to form a new paradigm for now and the future. Learn the new 21st Century way of being and living in health and wellbeing.

Energy medicine is both complete in itself, and complementary to other health care and life approaches.

Introductory Workshops

Introductory workshops are held throughout the year where you can participate in energy medicine practices and talk with current students.

Qigong Workshops

Glenys Brown runs courses, classes, and workshops specifically  Health-Harmony and Spiritual Qigong.

Be Your Own Medical Intuitive using your Energy Matrix

This course enables you to sense your own energy, move it around your body at need,  change the vibrations of different areas, and use your energy matrix to intuit and act to keep you body  in balance and harmony.  These  techniques can be used to enable your vibrations  to assist you in your professional life.

Practitioners Energy Medicine Education Training

Pre Requisites: Qigong and/or Be Your Own Medical Intuitive for 2 years.

Three year part-time course.  Entry is  an agreement between yourself and Glenys Brown. The course is for people who want to be a professional practitioner. It enables you to educate others in energy medicine on a one to one basis, either in your own business or in conjunction with others.

For more information and registration for any item on our Schedule please contact Glenys Brown

Limited Private Consultations

Glenys is available for Healing and Medical Intuitive consultations.
To make an appointment contact Glenys Brown
Fee: $150

Kind Words from Participants

"The ‘Intensive Chi Kung Course’ gave me a chance to develop energy practices further that I would be able to do in short classes. The teaching was in a gentle and encouraging way – opening up pathways and lending us safely into higher energy practices. The spirit of the group was strong and very helpful. Glenys is a teacher of great skill. Jean

I enjoyed the experience learning more about qigong about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. I especially liked the spontaneous Qigong – letting go and letting the music take me away. Helen

All workshops that I attend with Glenys are enabling me to develop skills in myself that I never knew existed. These skills related to body/health, sensing energy in particular organs etc. and on a much deeper spiritual and energetic level. I feel safe to go deeper when I am in Glenys’ workshops as they are usually intimate and in an environment where I feel comfortable to do so. In the few years I have spent learning from Glenys my intuition and sense of energy has improved greatly. Sarah

I am grateful to Glenys for organizing this wonderful weekend, which extended my qigong practice, awareness and confidence in myself and my abilities in a supportive environment. I look forward to more training of this nature – it was fun!!"

"I could listen to Glenys talk all day about chi/energy – very insightful."

"I recommend coming on a journey with Glenys – you will be amazed at what you discover and how well you will be supported."

"Practicing chi makes me feel more trusting of my insights and more capable of healing myself, and taking responsibility for my health and state of mind."

"Warm and genuine teaching from Glenys – aided by Eric – in an area both are passionate about. Excellent tools to add to your skills base."

"If you want to be well, be responsible for your own health and do Qigong. Qigong keeps people healthy at every age. It is easy to learn and simple to do."

"If you have a health problem your doctor can’t fix, then learn Qigong and heal it yourself."