Build Your Child’s Identity and Development

Fairy Kids

  • Do you want your child to build identity and self esteem?
  • Would you like your child develop links between left and right brains to prepare for school?
  • Have something that would improve sleep patterns?
  • Is to have fun, be open to new friends, love to sing and dance what you would like for your child?

You can offer these opportunities and more to your child through proven stories songs and dance on Amanda McKenna’s much loved children’s CD’s and Mp3 downloads.

Each story offers a finely crafted experience that brings a joyous response in the listener-participants heart. We are a very mobile society and new and much loved stories are very useful. You can have them playing in your vehicle while you and your children travel to and fro from school and especially on longer trips.

There is even a bedtime song for easing the way into sleep on Singing with the Fairies.

A free charm bracelet or neck bank is offered with each purchase of her Singing with the Fairies CD. All of these CDs are part of the Land of Elvindore Series.

Click here to listen to samples and order today!

Feedback from Others

The children thoroughly enjoyed all the songs and different dances. It is nice to watch them having fun and being really enthusiastic about music and dancing.
-Lisa Turtin
Kindergarten Teacher

My two girls wouldn’t get out of our car until the story finished. Then they wanted to hear it again as soon as the car started the next time we were it.
-S. French

Unbelievably the daughter played Sundew 27 times straight.
-D. Richardson

My sons loved the story of two little boys using their energy and love to save the forest.
-A. Klemm

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