Breathing & Energy Exercises for Health Professionals

Breathing Exercises for Health Professionals

Are You in the Service Field of Work?

If you have worked in the professional health field for five years or more the, practices here will help you retain or regain your zest for life. Essential for good health, wellbeing, and ability to stay in this area of your choice are the practices here.

  1. Breath of Life.
  2. Do the energy practise of your choice five to seven days a week in your own home.
  3. Turn your energy over to stay present and positive.

Breath of Life.

We all know we need to keep breathing to stay alive. It is how we breathe that gives us life quality and longevity. We need to breathe like young children. That is, use our abdomen.

  • exhale and pull you lower abdomen gently towards your spine
  • stop the exhale and your body will naturally inhale oxygen as you abdomen rises
  • repeat exhaling and inhaling in this way

It is that simple to bring your body back to life and keep it there.

It is essential to do this for quality and longevity.

Build up the minutes you can breathe like this until you are practising 20 minutes and with time this will be your natural breath and a winner.

Energy Practise.

Do the energy practise of your choice, in your own home, five to seven days a week.

Start with standing or sitting with feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart for four minutes and practise the Breath of Life.

Stand with feet apart and shake your arms and legs loosely as you naturally bring in energy from the earth through you feet and hands into your body. Do for one minute.

This practice takes five minutes.

When you want to extend your time there are hundreds of short ways to do this.

Turn your energy over to stay present and positive.

This practice gives immediate self-support to lift your energy. Choose a phrase that describes something you life about yourself e.g. I love it when my eyes twinkle or I love my feet as they have carried me to many places. For 4 days notice when you think or feel any negativity. This may be when a car cuts you off on the road, your neighbour plays loud music, someone is rude to you, or you have an unpleasant memory. It may also come as pain in your body.

Each time you notice this occurs, in your mind, thank your body for its message and repeat you positive phrase three times. This prevents negativity from building up in your body. This simple action has had remarkable results because it raises your natural endorphins – your natural state when you feel good.

One area of my work I am most passionate about is to assist people who work regularly with other people.

You may be in the workplace where people each have specific tasks. Your workplace may be in supermarkets, shops, gymnasiums, community centres. It may be you work in a service position constantly dealing and caring for people in hospitals, clinics, and in their homes.

In all these areas you health is open to damage, more so if you are with people wanting health care. These include doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologist, counsellors, educators, police and to a lesser extent, their assistants and support staff. Their energy fields are buffered constantly by the excessive or depleted subtle energy fields of their clients.

If you work in the health professions ask yourself do you mostly feel energised or depleted when around people who want your attention?

Recently I was visiting a relative in a cardiac intensive care unit. The care of the patient was excellent. She received oxygen via tubes in the nose. For others in the room the air movement was deplorable. The room was kept at a constant temperature to assist the patient. At no time was it fresh nor could you feel any air flow. The staff and visitors were in rooms where the oxygen supply was slow and stale. This is not uncommon in many of our large buildings. And oxygen is our breath of life!

Does this reverberate with your own experience?

Naturally the worries and anxieties of people in these situations will impinge on all the people involved, whatever the situation.

I noticed very early in my work, by distance, as a medical intuitive, that people had reasonable energy in the top half of their body and depleted energy in the lower half to the extent that they had difficulty with continuing to work with clients. To my horror this extended to practitioners who had been working in the health field for more than five or ten years. Even to the extent they were bedridden with extreme fatigue. The clients were both in Australia and in northern America.

If you are in a health therapy with people on a one-to-one basis or groups notice do you still feel energised or are you depleted in these situations? Often a therapist will tell me they feel energised by their work. However this is when they are working. It does not flow over into their private life where they experience fatigue and stress.

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.

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  1. I often feel depleted after working with clients as you say in your article. I am going to use the 'turn it over" practise and tell my clients about it as well. Thank you for the excellent tips Glenys.

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