Looking After Your Legs

  Yesterday, I was walking down a hospital corridor on my way to visit a friend. There were three women walking in front of me, two in flat-heeled shoes and one in three inch high-heeled shoes. As we walked I noticed that the woman wearing high-heels twisted/bent her left ankle outwards with every step. It […]

Foot Health for Feet, Glorious Feet!

I was reminded recently when watching a guest on a TV program. Her heels were so far off the floor they were almost perpendicular to her toes. This reminded me of a visit to China. 1985 was the year where I saw Chinese women appearing to be running down the road on their toes. A […]

Swing Arms Exercise for Quick Energy Boost

This is an ancient simple energy practise.  For a quick energy boost and long term well being it requires daily practice for several minutes, practice any time during the day. Beginners start with 30 swings. Medium – 60 swings Advanced – 100 to 500 per day Teaching Note:  100’s of people have reported back that […]

Medical Intuitive Profiles

I no longer will be available to complete Comprehensive Medical Intuitive Profiles, Reviews, or One to One consultations. I am exploring a new direction for assisting both my health and the health of others. I am continuing with teaching Energy Medicine and Qigong in person whether I am in Perth or travel elsewhere. Thank you, […]

12 Cycle Training Basic Program – Perth, Australia

Master Zhao Shihua and his wife May Sun have accepted my invitation to hold the 12 Cycle Training course in Perth again this year. Dates: Opening Weekend: Saturday & Sunday 27th, 28th August 2016 Closing Weekend: Friday Evening, Saturday & Sunday 25th, 26th & 27th November 2016 Prices: New: $1350 Deposit $500 Repeats: $750 Deposit […]

Weaving Health Practices into Your Day

1. On waking wait a few seconds, as this is the ‘between time’ and often new information comes to you. Next give gratitude to the universe. 2. On rising, use the palm of your hands to massage the sole of your feet. Start at the bottom of your heels and run the palm up the […]

Improve Your Circulation with 3 Daily Techniques

Do you have difficulty keeping your fingers or toes warm? Do your knees feel tight when you get up from using your computer, or first thing in the morning when you move out of bed? Can you bend over slowly and touch your toes or get somewhere near them with your fingers? Maybe you get […]

Prevent and Soothe Headaches with These Five Tips

Headaches can insidiously weaken your energy and drain your enthusiasm. There are many types of headaches and ways to release and remove them. Tapping, curved palm slapping, and pinching can release stuck energy and free you from pain in a huge variety of problems. These three tips give you quick methods that are ‘at your […]