Seven Sound Sleep Top Tips

Each morning when you wake do feel full of vitality as though around you flowers buds lift to open in the sun and the fresh new day calls to you. Or do you feel as though you have worked hard instead of slept soundly? Maybe you have tossed and turned for ages or suddenly woken […]

Lose Weight Without Worry

Weight won’t wait. It will be more trouble every day as it causes your body to be out of balance. Feel overloaded and under-fed? Fed-up with advice from people who don’t understand? People use the word obese and you cringe. More troublesome is after you do lower you weight level, more comes on- a familiar […]

2011 New Year Resolution Tips

Top Tips for this Week from Glenys Brown HEADACHES 2011 The Year to get Relief Headaches can insidiously weaken your energy and drain your enthusiasm. There are many types of headaches and ways to release and remove them. Tapping, curved palm slapping, and pinching can release stuck energy and free you from pain in a huge […]

Best Natural Ways to Improve Your General Health

Oxygen, clean water, green leafy and yellow-orange vegetables! These three recommendations were the first to come up consistently as recommendations when I first began doing medical intuitive readings many years ago. I pondered over why these were always given as the most important recommendations. It seemed too simple! In the 1980’s anti-oxidants (the vegetables) and […]

Sound Sleep – Top Three Tips

Is your number one dream to have sound uninterrupted sleep until morning? Do you wake disturbed by the dog, the baby, the children, or loud noises? You wake up tired and irritable. The Three Top Tips this week lead you to sound sleep and less stress. You will gain a stronger nervous system, daily activities […]

Adrenal Health Boost – Top Three Tips

Do you know your adrenal glands are your body’s first line of defense from disease? With healthy adrenal glands you can want to jump out of bed and get going each day. Strong adrenals give you vitality, high libido, and you smile a lot. If you were to lose your adrenal glands death may follow […]

QiGong – Why Your Busy Life Should Not Hold You Back

WHY DO PEOPLE FIND TIME TO DO QIGONG WHEN THEY HAVE A BUSY LIFE? The short answer is “because they feel better and younger every day”. The benefits of Qigong (Chi Gong) practice can be felt in a fairly short period of time. Some of the benefits you will experience include:- • Restful sleep • […]