Your Circulation | Energy – Blood – Fluid

Do you have difficulty keeping your fingers or toes warm? Do your knees feel tight when you get up from using your computer, or first thing in the morning when you move out of bed? Can you bend over slowly and touch your toes or get somewhere near them with your fingers? Maybe you get slightly dizzy when […]

Water, Water, Which to Drink?

For the last two decades, and earlier, I have advocated against added fluoride in drinking water. My medical intuition and common sense said: It was dangerous for it to be in the drinking water as we all have different fluid and health requirements. It was only advocated as needed for the development of teeth in […]

Short and Long Walks – Inside and Out

Are you a regular walker and love it?  If so you may want to know how to get even more benefits from your regular practise. Or have you been admonished to do more walking?  Have your tried but the weather turned against you?  Do you have to rush to work in the morning and are […]

Top 6 Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Crippling pain and aches may come gradually or from one instant to the next. Has your flexibility disappeared from any part of your body due to osteoarthritis? Or do the aches through your limbs make want you to scream when the barometric pressure suddenly drops? Seven out of ten Australians and Americans suffer from a […]

Exercises for Strong Knees and Elbows and Joint Pain Relief

In Traditional Chinese Medicine problems with your body joints, such as arthritis, is described as stagnant water (synovial fluid) and rusty hinges (calcification, wear and tear). There is a huge number of people in Australia who require knee replacements and the knee movement deteriorates while people wait for their operation.

From Painful Menstruation to Pain Free Periods

If you, another female family member, or friend suffer from P.M.S. or pain before and during your period try the practices here. You may find all of them work for you or you only need one or two. Pain around menstruation occurs for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that the […]

Bright Shining Hair and Nails

Does your hair go extra dry in summer or lank and damp in the humidity? The health of your hair, nails, and skin depends on the health of your liver. Your liver is the factory for your body and it performs more than five hundred functions to keep your body healthy and free of disease. […]

Adrenal Glands – Your Health Warriors

1. Adrenal and Kidney Massage. Before Or After Shower. The Adrenal Glands are under the surface at the top of each kidney. Picture 1: Starting point Picture 2: Hands rotate to top then side, down, and continue circling Picture 3: Hands down and up base of spine to complete exercise Form each hand into a loose fist […]

Improve Your Memory Today

In today’s world most of us suffer from information overload.  Our internal reaction to this is our kidneys and adrenals try to care for our body by sending out signals to the brain and body that it is being damaged. As the signals are internal we don’t notice them, mostly until we are constantly fatigued. […]