Free Your Body of Pain Using Your Senses

Severe or chronic physical pain can take us to dark places where we feel caught and will do almost anything to remove it. It gradually depletes the energy of our immune system that then further weakens our body. The use of colour and sound to cleanse and ‘lift’ our body has proven to be successful […]

Free Your Body of Pain by Breathing

Pain of any type can make us forget even our best and strongest intentions. Does chronic pain drag on your immune system and bore away inside you until it seems like your inner joy is lost forever? When pain wakes you from sleep in the middle of the night, or you toss and turn and […]

Breathing & Energy Exercises for Health Professionals

Are You in the Service Field of Work? If you have worked in the professional health field for five years or more the, practices here will help you retain or regain your zest for life. Essential for good health, wellbeing, and ability to stay in this area of your choice are the practices here. Breath […]

How to Reduce Stress – a Short Daily Program

Do you want to prevent stress before it ‘gets’ you each morning? Do you want a tried and true way to feel better because you know how to and can make it happen? Would you also like to have a way that is flexible? A way where you can add or shorten the time it […]

How to Beat Tiredness and Fatigue – 3 Tips

Do you know you have become part of a “Sitting Society.” Research at a Mayo Clinic in the U.S.A. has found we are killing ourselves and cutting years off our life. How are we doing this? Easily. We sit now far more than we walk. Our upright body structure is under great strain when we […]

2013 New Year Resolution Tips that Work for You

(not you work for them) Is health on the top of your New Year’s Resolution list for 2013? Do you and your family to be healthier and more relaxed? Does less stress and more energy appeal to you? This week’s tips can make a difference in your life and make a difference in the lives […]

Medical Intuitive Health Predictions

There have been numerous health warnings I have received since the early days of my use of medical intuition. All of these messages were received about ten years before they were proven scientifically accurate and became public knowledge. Some of these are: eat 9 yellow-orange and green leafy vegetables daily. Now this is recommended as […]

How to Remove Pre-Menstrual Tension

Pre-menstrual Tension (PMT) has been both used in sarcastic jokes by some people and a painful crippling experience for other people. Neither of these is necessary and can be removed. Ignore the jokes and follow the tips below. Then both the tension and jokes can be a thing of the past. In Medical Qigong and […]

Menopause – Before, During, and After

As a female, or male with a female partner, do you dread the thought or actuality of the female menopause phase in life? A plethora of magazines now have articles and adverts for the female hormonal pathway through life. Many of these articles assume the majority of women have difficulties in some or all phases.  […]

Healthy Trees Build Healthy Bodies

How long is it since you sat under a healthy tree, relaxed and enjoyed being alive?  When we chop down an ancient tree we remove from our atmosphere a powerful healer. Without trees we will die. The essential exchange of oxygen and carbon-dioxide between you and trees provides you with a way to cleanse your […]