Womens’ Energy Medicine | March 21st and 22nd

Work with Qigong Master Glenys Brown – International Medical Intuitive Click Here to Register Now! Glenys will teach specific exercises and meditations for women of all ages and all fitness levels, to relieve problems from puberty to menopause. This is the first in a series of workshops designed to help you improve your health and […]

Use Mental Hygiene to Deflate Stress

We take good care of our personal and home hygiene and often-mental hygiene is left behind. Do you have a “monkey mind” as we call it in Qigong? Does your focus jump persistently from one area to another? Does your brain seem to go around and around without a rest? A very busy lifestyle makes […]

2015 Taiwan Qigong Tour with Masters Glenys & Eric Brown

Another great tour is coming up early next year. This one to Taiwan is organised by Kay Joh. Kay has planned this tour to embrace the special features of her birthplace. You will experience Ancient and modern Taiwan, plus enjoy the unique and tranquil essence of the lakes, and natural earth features. We are taking […]

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Using Qigong

Does your neck sore? Is it stiff, painful, and lack flexibility and strength? Have you had numerous visits to therapists and doctors to re-align, ease pain, and release your neck so you can turn it? Do neck muscle cramps ‘grab’ you and grip your neck with sudden pain? Maybe your neck aches due to a […]

Build Your Child’s Identity and Development

Do you want your child to build identity and self esteem? Would you like your child develop links between left and right brains to prepare for school? Have something that would improve sleep patterns? Is to have fun, be open to new friends, love to sing and dance what you would like for your child? […]

China Qigong Tour | A Glimpse into Our Travels

First we heard the drums, loud and strong down the hillside. Then the band joined in. Mystified we looked at each other with a question in our eyes. The drums came closer and then we heard feet marching. Within a few minutes a band of women musicians and women dancing to the rhythm of the […]

How to Exercise at Your Desk to Relieve Pain and Stress

Do you have lower back pain, joint aches and pain, or tension headaches, eye strain? Maybe you have high blood pressure, constant indigestion, period pain or discomfort? Are you aware you are frequently more irritable and less sociable than you like to be? Have you noticed how often you are annoyed at the motorists or […]

Free Your Body of Pain with Treatment

We all have a different tolerance level for any pain we experience. From your ow experience you will be aware that there are many types of physical pain; short and sharp, long, deep, and so severe you may lose consciousness. Different treatments may be required depending on the type of pain and where it is […]

Free Your Body of Pain Using Meditation

If you have chronic pain or strong attacks of pain anywhere in your physical body you have probably tried many ways to be rid of it. Over many years I have found through clients, students, and myself, that by using a specific target with specific language, healing break-throughs happen. My guided meditation below is aimed […]