International Medical Intuitive & Qi Gong Master

Image if Glenys Brown“You are here to have two lives in this body. There isn’t time for you to go and come back again in thirty years.”

These words were given to me by a caring insightful person who was giving me a spiritual card reading, not the cards he usually used.Russ was accurate.

I was totally unaware of most of the aspects and abilities that expanded within me that were recognised after I had my second near death experience (NDE) in 1991 in the middle of experiencing a blood clot in my heart. Eric and I had only been married four months.The first NDE happened when I was only about five months old.

The greatest gift I received after Russ’ reading was the gift ofEric as my husband. I moved in to my current home on Anzac day 1985.Two weeks later I met Eric at a Tai Chi class. There were many unexpected events leading to our marriage and life together. More surprisingly our continued connection in present time.

Eric was and is my greatest teacher, lover, husband, and a total support of me and of our challenges and recognition of our life together in everyday consciousness and into eternity.

I was born and lived in a town in the lower south-west of WesternAustralia. When 5 months old I was rushed 200+ kilometers over gravel roads to the Princes Margaret hospital for children in Perth. I hadPinks Disease. Many children died from this as it was caused by powders to put on the gums of babies to help with teething pain. The powder contained mercury.

My mother was born months before the first wold war. I was born months before the second world war. I was a shy child who was not encouraged to ask questions. I found out later I was having experiences of alien life even then.

I have always loved to learn and wanted to become a teacher. Due to family events I didn’t enter formal education teacher training untilI was 35 years old. I loved it and had no clue what life had in store for me. I had married and had three wonderful children. After that marriage ended my very different life began to come forward.

In my twenty five years of marriage with Eric and our eight grandchildren I learnt most what true love was to receive and give to myself, share especially with Eric ,and people who are in my life.When my energy skills kept growing and new ones kept coming I was terrified. Eric continued to reassure me I was sane and safe. He showed me by action more than words how to transfer energy over time and space to each other. We did this when I was in China and he inAustralia and vice versa and when he was in England and I was inAustralia. What I didn’t know or even thought possible was that we would be communicating when he parted physically. At one stageI remember saying to him “phone me and talk like everyone does”.I was truly ignorant of the magical possibilities to come.

I believe we all can sense our loved ones after they leave their physical body. Often we do not notice the cues as we don’t expect this to happen. I can and do and love to teach people how they can make these connections if they choose.

In all the ups and downs Eric made me laugh and he said I made him laugh!

The greatest happiness I have every known was in Eric’s last half hour of life.

We were joined and existed in nothing but unbelievable golden light. I could see and experience nothing within the hospice room. It didn’t exist. I cannot think of this experience without tears coming. It defies words.

My highest spiritual activity is having the privilege to guide people to their heaven if they choose at that time.

I am here as a learner, seeker, teacher and energy life connector.

I am here to assist people continue their connections with people or sentient beings for the good of all concerned. It is a natural communication. They are keen to share their knowledge and we have the physical bodies to share this with other people. I have been repeatedly told this is a partnership.

We have two major events in our current life; our first and last breath. As a Qigong master it warms my heart every time I see a student begin the energetic changes in their life. Their face rounds and physically moves upwards and becomes more relaxed as tension is released. They are more cheerful and subtle energies expand. I do not aim teach anyone a particular esoteric skill as that is determined by the inner energy of the person involved. Usually it is a surprise and unexpected. How we use our breath is both the starting and ending of everything.

Another practise I enjoy is to ‘sit in’ at home with people who are undergoing surgery. A brief overview is I request their permission before and during their operation, I join with their subconsciousness during the operation and take them back to the time to the cause of todays surgery. They have the opportunity to overcome the experience.I have done this many times. All except one time, the person has come out of surgery better than expected. So much so doctors were amazed by their rate of healing.

At times I find it extremely difficult to keep going without Eric in the life we enjoyed together even though we both know we will meet again. However, I am now drawn more strongly to continue to keep an agreement I made during my near death experience in 1991 when I heard the loud statement “Do my work or else”. The else was so seductive.

These are some background I listed in April 2017 and it turned up again last week.

I have just realised: I have felt the heartbeat of Earth I have channelled the Voice of the Earth I have been truly blessed by being anointed three timesI have been guided with my husband through the Golden Rapture to hisHeaven and heard him welcomedI have twice heard the Voice of God’s Left Hand I have been to Heavens gate four timesI am still surprised.