2015 Taiwan Qigong Tour with Masters Glenys & Eric Brown


Another great tour is coming up early next year. This one to Taiwan is organised by Kay Joh.

Kay has planned this tour to embrace the special features of her birthplace.

You will experience Ancient and modern Taiwan, plus enjoy the unique and tranquil essence of the lakes, and natural earth features.

We are taking expression of interest now.

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Glenys & Eric Brown

Phone: 08-9457 0965

Email: glenys{{at}}glenysbrown.com

A Big Thank You!

For all the positive feedback from participants in our recent Inner Feng Shui Course.

The experiences at this course supplement daily practice. Glenys is a treasure trove of wisdom and can express difficult concepts in tangible ways for everyone to try. CHERYL

Every course Glenys conducts introduces new consciousness raising elements which are sometimes surprising but always positive and for the greater good of all. KY

Glenys, I really enjoyed being here. Thank you. JANET

I Didn’t think feng shui cleansing was working but during the first session I got a pain in my hip which didn’t go until the next session cleansing my home. JO

This weekend workshop has been invigorating and energising, just what I needed. LOUISE ELLIOTT

I appreciated the opportunity to learn from Glenys. Every session expands and deepens the knowledge and understanding at Qigong practice. Love the meditations. MARGARET CRONIN

With gratitude. Please write your book the world will benefit greatly. GINA

The weekend was lovely, I felt like things really moved and shifted, and it reminded me of how powerful Qigong is, and that I should do it regularly again. Sometimes we need reminding. HELEN

I want to share what has happened in my life since Glenys’ last workshop. I went with the usual open mindedness that maybe something would happen or maybe nothing would happen but at least I would be in good company.

I was amazed by my response to the consciousness “play”… I last laughed like that with my best friend in high school… It was just such a fabulous release for me (being a person who tends to hold back). Even more amazing is all the things that have happened since. Glenys asked us to write on the paper wheels our intentions or the things that we want (if we could have anything we wanted)… well for 2014 I wrote three things:

1. Revitalization of self

2. Renewal/beauty (I remember thinking as I wrote that I wanted long luxurious hair… maybe a bit much to ask for!)

3. Holiday

The holiday, magically happened as my daughter asked me to tag along with her to a conference at which she was presenting. She organised everything, accommodation and flights. Then out of the blue someone gave me money to spend on the trip, so ended up not being out of pocket at all. I’m so grateful to the Universe for sending that trip to me. I hadn’t been overseas for 20 years. I’ve come back revitalised and happy.

As for the renewal/beauty, this may sound strange but I’ve grown new hair on the ‘widow peaks’ that had formed on my hairline and my hair is the longest it has been in ages. It is all part of that complex web of the Universal Energy Field creating a series of random events that are not so random after all. I just can’t wait to see what unfolds next.

Glenys Brown’s Qigong weekends offer a deeper understanding of the link between traditional Qigong healing practices and your awareness of how your energy creates your world. She takes you into an expanded field of intuitive openness, self healing and higher consciousness. Her weekends are truly a rare combination, I say this from my own experience. RUTH

After twenty five years of teaching and healing in all areas of the human energy field, I have one aim. As an International Medical Intuitive, Qi Gong Master, and Health Practitioner, I want it to be easier for you to regain and keep optimum health and a wealth of enjoyment in life.